The demands for technology to drive better performance, enhanced customer experience, great security, regulatory requirements and improved efficiency are ever increasing.

Through technology consulting & assessments, we help business leaders meet the demands of today and anticipate & prepare for the demands of tomorrow.

Advisory & Transformation Services

Assessment and Project Audits

When the risk and cost of failure is high, projects benefit from impartial, expert opinions delivered at critical project milestones. IntelRise technology consulting assessments and audits provide your team with highly experienced leadership and expertise. Each assessment and review provides a balanced, unbiased opinion based on software engineering and project management expertise. In addition, conclusions and recommendations are fully documented with specific recommendations and rationale.  Finally, technology assessments or audits are communicated face-to-face with your senior management and project team, so we can answer questions & incorporate feedback directly.

Advisement and Planning

As your trusted advisor, IntelRise is ready to leverage decades of industry and technology experience in addressing and solving the challenges your business faces.  Whether you’re looking for a third party opinion or a recommendation, our team is your strategic partner for technology consulting.

Transformation Service

Leveraging years of industry & technology experience, we transform your organization by cutting back on unnecessary IT spend and deploying value-added solutions.  The goal is always to get you more efficiency & impact from your technology.  We realize the magnitude of transforming an organization, whether that’s doing a digital transformation of your tech stack, transitioning to a Cloud Business Management Solution, or updating processes to get more out of your current technology.  To guide you through this transformation, we clearly communicate a detailed project plan, making sure we’re aligned with your team’s needs.  Next, we deliver a solution driven approach tracked to key metrics, so everyone sees the progress & impact of the transformation.

Sampling of Technology Consulting Deliverables and Roles

The following are examples of deliverables and roles IntelRise has successfully provide for various clients:

  • Business Case Development
  • Strategical Road Map
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Strategical Technology Advisor

For more information on how our Advisory Services group can help you plan and optimize your business, please contact us below.

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