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About Us

IntelRise helps small to mid-size companies embrace best-in-suite Cloud Solutions and Technology that Empowers Our Customers for Success. We are passionate about transforming businesses to thrive in the new digital economy.  We partner with our customers to innovate and accelerate with the best business management solution to deliver operational results to the bottom line. Our best-in-suite solutions enable businesses to be more responsive to market opportunities and threats, strengthen relationships with their customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity, and reduce information technology costs.

Let us introduce ourselves

Who We Are

Since 2005, IntelRise has successfully delivered various business management solutions to mid-size and multi-national enterprise companies.  Our success is focused on the Customers Success which is derived through continuous improvements in their business processes and accessibility of business information that is delivered from best-in-suite business management solutions by the experienced IntelRise consultants.

IntelRise continues to evolve with technology in the marketplace from the traditional On-Premise Solutions to Cloud Solutions that deliver a reduced total cost of ownership and immediate value add for improving and automating business processes for customers.

Our solutions and teams deliver high-value, measurable results by working collaboratively with clients through a user-centered, technology-based and business-driven solutions methodology. We believe this approach enhances return-on-investment for our clients by significantly reducing the time and risk associated with designing and implementing business and technology solutions.

At IntelRise, we place strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients and being 100% referenceable.  We continue to experience growth which is attributable to our reputable customers and have established ourselves as a proven leader in the business management solutions for the small to mid-market customers.

How it all came to be…

Our Founder

Rich HarbinRichard “Rich” Harbin is the Founder and President of IntelRise.  With over 25 years experience in the industry, Rich envisioned an organization that is focused on delivering value to customers by providing seasoned professionals, improving and automating business processes, and delivering best-in-suite business management solutions for small to mid-market organizations in various industries.  Rich leads the strategic development of IntelRise and defines the vision, strategy, structure, values, and financial objectives for the firm.

Prior to founding IntelRise, Rich held various management and leadership positions for Fortune 1000 companies.  Rich is actively known as a visionary leader and advocate of transforming organizations, people, processes, and systems with the continuous evolution of on-premise to cloud computing technology.

In addition to IntelRise, Rich is actively involved in mentoring entrepreneurs and startup companies through the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University.  With a focus on giving back and helping others, Rich seeks to help organizations capitalize on continuous improvements while transforming your business to thrive in the new digital economy.

Rich received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas A&M University.  Rich resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Laura and daughters Madison and Katelyn.

We are focused on transforming small to mid-market companies in the new digital economy with connected business management solutions.

Empowering Customers for Success!

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